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Automobile Belts and Oil Seals form an important part in almost all vehicle segments. Belts are used in a variety of application in power transmission for alternator, Air conditioning, power steering applications. Oil Seals are used as a sealing medium for oil used in various automobile applications such as engine, transmission, wheel, front fork, valve stem etc.

Fenner is the market leader in the Automobile segment both in belts and oil seals. Our presence in the Automobile trade is in both the segments of OE and also the Replacement market trade.

In OE trade we offer our products to prominent OE customers who have very high quality standards to be complied with. Our Auto belts and Oil Seals are a part of major OE customers in all major vehicle segments. We also offer products for OE spares trade. Our state-of-the-art R&D facilities, personnel and quality certifications ensure that the best products are developed based on the OE customers' requirements.

In Replacement Market we cater to markets, both urban and rural all over India through over 400 distributors who in turn offer products to over 20000 retailers dealing in Automobile belts and oil seals. The market is driven by specifiers or mechanics who use Automobile Belts and Oil Seals for servicing vehicles. These specifiers are the ultimate users of the products and are driven to use a product based on its quality. Majority of the specifiers insist on Fenner Belts and Pioneer Oil Seals as we offer the best quality. Fenner and Pioneer Brand names have become synonymous with Belts and Oil Seals over the past 50 years

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